9/11 and COVID – the lesson we haven’t learned

9/11 and COVID – the lesson we haven’t learned Last month marked 20 years since the events that occurred on 11th September 2001. Events that shook the world, re-shaped policy on individual freedoms and led to wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and an ongoing war against the nebulous term of “terror” itself. Now in 2021, the […]

COVID – a test of faith

Personal update: It has been over 10 months since my last “monthly” blog post. It’s fair to say I’ve been side-tracked from writing. There have been many challenges facing us with the lockdown measures, including another tough first trimester (expecting our 2nd child in March 2021!). Even with a few blog posts already written pre-lockdown, I […]

Finding purpose

Finding purpose (Originally posted – 17th February 2020) There were many reasons for me to pack up my bike and set off on a round the world trip. I can look back and see that these reasons all correlated with unmet needs. Just about everything we do in life is geared towards the pursuit of […]

2019 – the year of submission, taming, settling and happiness

2019 – the year of submission, taming, settling and happiness (Originally posted – 15th January 2020) 2019 was one of the most significant years of my life. Not only did I become a father, we also bought our first property and our first proper car. (We had bought an ex-ambulance together in 2017 and converted […]

Birth – Luna’s home birth

Birth – Luna’s home birth (Originally posted – 15th December 2019) (Written in June 2019)   In November 2018 I finished and self-published my first book. I also made a commitment to continue to write; to externalise and connect something within outwards, beyond the realms of my mind. In some ways a process of birthing […]


Re-connection (Originally posted – 8th November 2018) The time has come for me to write. Not necessarily to start writing – I’ve been sporadically writing for the last 4 years. More accurately, the time has come for me to share.  My first book will be self-published and available for download/purchase on 5th November. It is, […]